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Providing the analysis to allow investigators to confidently reach a reasoned conclusion.

It's all about using the best scientific procedures to determine the facts. Our highly trained technicians analyse sample material in a safe, controlled environment and produce reports that inform a wide variety of investigations.


Fire Debris Analysis

We provide fire debris analysis services using gas chromatography and mass spectral detection to enable a quick determination of the likely cause of a fire. We can determine the presence of ignitable liquids or other suspicious materials within samples taking from fire scenes. We are able to determine the presence of most hydrocarbon ignitable liquids, often months after the fire took place. We also conduct Vehicle Fluid Analysis, Animal and Vegetable Oil and Fat Analysis.

Electrical & Gas Fault Determination

We offer a specialised service to identify and analyse faults that have triggered electrical or gas equipment malfunction and caused fire, water or other related damage. We currently provide this service to major white goods and small household appliance manufacturers and to importers of industrial equipment in the mining and production sectors.

Physical Evidence Examination

In the course of investigations, a wide variety of items require scientific investigation in a manner that adheres to the best practice  of evidence management. We ensure such examinations  are only conducted by appropriate professionals  reports are prodcued to exacting standards and evidence is properly stored.