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GKA Analytical Services conducts ongoing research into fire debris related topics to assist our examiners in the field and to contribute to the knowledge base of fire investigation as a forensic discipline.

We regularly publish papers in professional journals and post technical bulletins on this. If you would like to participate in research with us, please view our current list of research topics.

The Colours of Petroleum-Based Liquids

12 Oct 2021

Petroleum-based ignitable liquids exhibit many different colours. The colour of a liquid can potentially provide preliminary data regarding the liquid's origin or end use. This Bulletin discusses how colour relates to petroleum-based liquids and its relative forensic significance.


Beware Ignitable Liquids in Unexpected Places

26 Apr 2021

Ignitable liquids are ubiquitous in commercial liquid products. However, they may also be found in other items which you may not expect. This Technical Bulletin introduces some of those items to the fire examiner.


The Importance of Collecting Comparison Samples

10 Aug 2020

This Bulletin discusses the importance of comparison samples, and why examiners should collect comparison samples as a matter of course.


Interpretive Guidance for Ignitable Liquid Analysis Test Reports

07 Jun 2019

This Technical bulletin explains the ASTM ignitable liquid classification system, provides examples of different ignitable liquid types, and offers guidance for interpreting test report results.


Fire Debris Analysis: Frequently Asked Questions

09 May 2019

This document is a compilation of the most common questions we receive regarding our fire debris analysis services.


Analysis of Oil and Fat Residues from Kitchen Exhaust Ducts

31 May 2017

Kitchen exhaust ducts are often clogged with grease and fat from cooking activities. This Technical Bulletin discussed how analysis of these materials can be beneficial in a forensic investigation.


Forensic Analysis of Animal and Vegetable Oil and Fat Residues

30 Mar 2016

Our laboratory is able to analyse samples of animal and vegetable oils and fats and establish their propensity to self-heat. This Technical Bulletin discusses what this analysis entails and how it can help in fire investigations.


Alternative Sampling Media for Collection of Samples from Fixed Surfaces

08 Feb 2016

Fire investigators often use improvised swabs to collect dry residues and stains from fixed surfaces. Some swab materials should not be used for this purpose as they contain contaminants that complicate the analysis process. This Technical Bulletin presents best practice methods for sample collection in this situation.


Exhibit Submission Guidelines

20 Oct 2015

This Technical Bulletin outlines the guidelines adopted by our laboratory for proper exhibit packaging. All current and prospective laboratory clients must be familiar with these guidelines as exhibits cannot be received unless they are appropriately packaged.